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These lovely rugs boast 100 knots per square inch. Knotted in India of New Zealand wool and, in some cases, bamboo silk, these fine rugs will last a lifetime. The finer the rug, the thinner the rug; these are 4 mm thick--about 1/4". Professionally clean. Never steam clean or wash.

Hand-knotted rugs are 6' x 9'. Custom sizes and patterns are available at an additional cost. 

"Ghost Pockets" by Mary Lee Bendolph

 Based on one of the famous "blue jeans" quilts. By master quiltmaker Mary Lee Bendolph.

$2,999.00 - $4,599.00
"Housetop" by Loretta Pettway

 A popular design by one of the most famous of the Gee's Bend quilters.

$2,999.00 - $4,599.00
"Housetop" by Louisiana Bendolph

 Bold, modern design in striking colors.

$2,999.00 - $4,599.00
"Housetop" by Qunnie Pettway

 Based on the quilt by Qunnie Pettway, this design was featured in the original Gee's Bend Quilt exhibition at the Whitney museum.

"Vegetation" by Loretta Bennett

 Based on a new quilt by Loretta Bennett, this gorgeous, hand-knotted rug has autumnal colors. This rug is easy to fit into a contemporary home.

$2,999.00 - $4,599.00

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